Mono Silk Warmtone

Smooth Silk finish
Warm base tint
Deep blacks and creamy whites
No optical brighteners
Images reminiscent of traditional sepia prints

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Product Description

ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Mono Silk Warmtone is a 250gsm resin coated photo paper with no added optical brighteners and a smooth silk finish.
The product has been designed specifically for photographers that are passionate about black and white printing. The warm base tint produces prints that have rich deep blacks and warm creamy whites, the trademark of traditional monochrome photography.
ILFORD GALERIE Prestige Mono Silk Warmtone offers photographers the opportunity to create traditional sepia tone black and white prints with excellent consistency, smooth transition tones and a wide gamut.

Technical Specifications






235 micron (9.5mil)



Tint (CIE L*a*b)

93.9, 0.3, 2.8

Ink Type

Inkjet (Dye), Inkjet (Pigment)


Sheet – A3 29.7 x 42cm (11.7 x 16.5”), Sheet – 12.7 x 17.8cm (5 x 7”), Sheet – A4 21 x 29.7cm (8.3 x 11.7”), Sheet – A3+ 32.9 x 48.3cm (13 x 19”), Sheet – A2 42 x 59.4cm (16.5 x 23.4”), Roll – 43.2cm (17"), Roll – 61cm (24"), Roll – 111.8cm (44"), Roll – 127cm (50")